Success starts with the right plan.

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Project Evaluation
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project evaluation

From the very beginning of your project, L&T is ready to provide expert consultation and design services. Most projects begin with a feasibility study where we gather as much information on the property as is available, including tax maps, topographic mapping, wetlands and soil reports. Municipal zoning codes and other regulatory requirements which would affect the project are considered in developing a successful plan.

land planning

land planning

As the project evolves past conceptual planning, actual field surveys are completed to obtain accurate property conditions including the property boundaries, topography, wetland and floodplains. Soil testing can be conducted to determine site soil conditions. L&T can provide aerial photography to assist in determining field conditions on and around the land being developed. 

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site plan design

Using the project information gathered and Autodesk Civil3D, our designers and engineers prepare design plans optimized to increase development potential, minimize project costs and preserve the environment. We present the project plans to the local Planning Boards and public hearings, and coordinate approvals with regulatory agencies.